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A new era of web hosting has arrived!

CodeSix is upgrading its Web Hosting Infrastructure to the latest most cutting edge hosting platform in the industry to date. Amazon has expanded its services at such a remarkable rate that it has created a branch of itself entirely devoted to its web services platforms. AWS also known as Amazon Web Services has a platform specially made for web hosting.

With CodeSix making use of AWS and their cutting-edge services all your web service needs would be seen to in the blink of an eye. Offering resources that increase production and speed up the entire process by having all the tools they need in one place. Making use of AWS-CDN, Amazon Web Service Content Delivery Network is one of the many advantages.

CodeSix is now making full use of AWS, clients have the opportunity to have tailored packages set up to exactly what they need and can adjust as needed. The pro’s far out way the cons in this upgrade system as AWS is a world-renowned web services provider with excellent reviews and world class clientele. Upgrading CodeSix’s already fantastic web hosting infrastructure simply polishes its crown jewel service packages.

Be one of the first CodeSix clients to make the move to their new AWS hosting system and reap all the rewards and smile all the way to the bank.

This is a comprehensive remote cloud computing service system.

This service offers more than 36 different sub services within the AWS range, ensuring every user has exactly what they need. Because of the vastness of AWS network it had become apparent that they would need to split its locations into different availability zones to ensure that there would be minimal to no outages with in its network. So every region is split into different central hubs throughout the world. By doing so they have ensured the stability of each of the networks and improving on speed due to minimized traffic. You now have only your region accessing the central hub of your area and not the entire world converging onto a few hubs and causing catastrophic web crashes. Due to these smart steps you can rest assured that your network on AWS is stable and secure and can handle what it was built to do.

AWS is a highly recommended system that is low cost and high reward. With uncapped storage space that is custom to your every need.

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