CodeSix is a digital consulting company based in Johannesburg. From development and design to data and reporting we bring an exceptional, hand crafted, inspired and unique approach to every small business we work with, which is why we have such a loyal following of clients, users and partners.

Our motto is simple – do amazing stuff.
We’re not just an agency, we’re a new way of thinking. We challenge the status quo and push the boundaries to make sure you get the results you deserve.

Fun Facts.

CodeSix was founded by Alex Moura in 2013, when he found his passion for helping small businesses succeed.
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CodeSix is backed by more than 30 local & remote professionals who live and breathe IT & marketing.
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CodeSix partner with small companies, start-ups & freelancers to provide experience & growth.

Our Mission.

Our mission at CodeSix is to help small to medium businesses achieve their goals. We believe that by helping others we in turn are helping ourselves grow into the company we have always envisioned ourselves to be. We believe in our business and that we will grow into the power house we are destined to be. Making it our mission to reach that stature by helping those along the way. Letting other companies achieve their goals by us helping them in every way we can.

   “If opportunity doesn’t knock- build a door”- Milton Berle

We intend on building those doors for our clients!

Our Vision.

We are here to change the way people see information technology and marketing. To become the best company we can be. To be the company others come to, to achieve their dreams. We  here to challenge the status quo and push the boundaries to make sure you get the results you deserve.

Our Team.

The backbone of our success has been our motivated and dedicated team that is more than willing to go an extra mile to deliver quality and a custom approach to any project thrown at us.


Alex Moura

Founder / Developer

Alex is the brainchild and founder of CodeSix. Led by Passion for innovation and technology, he’s not only an astute entrepreneur and an investor but also an internet visionary who has proven his mettle for years.


Micheal Addison

Creative Director

It takes more than just an idea to achieve success. Our Lead designer, Micheal has provided us with his creative expertise to make CodeSix possible. He is the lead designer in our team and has been working for CodeSix and our subsidiary operations.


Taylor Paige

Marketing Director

Taylor is the life of the office, she brings the fun, laughter & enthusiasm but also has a serious hard working side. She loves keywords, analytics & helping companies grow. She has probably delivered 1000’s of leads to your competitors.


Josh Maganbeharie

Business Developer

Josh Maganbeharie has 20 years of experience in the IT industry and has developed business for large enterprises including IBM & Oracle. Josh always endeavors to align Business and IT in the most profitable relationship for the business bottom line.


Web Guru Award
CSS Light Award
CSS Reel Award