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get my first client

How to win your First Client

how to get my first clientSo you have done it all! Your business is set up and ready to go! Everything is in place and you’re at your office all giddy...

AWS Hosting

A new era of Web Hosting has arrived!

A new era of web hosting has arrived! CodeSix is upgrading its Web Hosting Infrastructure to the latest most cutting edge hosting platform in the indu...


UI vs UX

UX VS UI What does this all mean? Is it just a bunch of letters randomly strung together or is there a bigger meaning behind them? For those who are n...

what is roi

What is ROI?

What is roi? Digital marketing is at the forefront of the marketing industry as it is an access point to the industry that is grossing one of the high...

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PPC vs SEO & Having the smarts to use the right method at the right time. Where advertisers and marketers often go wrong without even knowing it. ...

websites in 24 Hours

Small Business websites in 24 hours!

Have your small business website up and running in 24-hours! Everybody knows how vital it is to any small business in this economy to have a website. ...

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