Chieta, Supply and Demand, is a cutting edge platform created and developed by CodeSix in collaboration with personal from Chieta and ITAware. This was a labour of love as it is a platform for thousands of personal seeking experience in the chemical industry. A base created from where prospective employees can be seen and contacted by employers in the industry.


Breaking through the metaphorical glass roof is one of the greatest moves Chieta could have ever decided to do! Chieta, along with CodeSix, created an SPA, Single Page Application, the first of its kind in South Africa. The Chieta, Supply and Demand Database project was offered to CodeSix in early 2016, a true “Mona Lisa” project in the sense that it would be the first of its kind and break new ground for many more to come. This took a lot of collaborative thinking from all involved. Many hours of labouring love on bootstrapping, PHP and JavaScript to get the concept going. With the help from Chieta personal and ITAware the vision was finalized.

CodeSix, together with Chieta have now opened the doors for thousands of prospective learners and employees to realize their dreams and be exposed too, and employed by hundreds of Chemical Industry Titans!


A truly fantastic experience for all involved. Once this system went live, the lives of many changed. CodeSix has been a proud aspect behind this marvellous system and will continue to maintain and manage with a smile.


  • Login, Registration & Password Reset
  • Add, Edit & Delete Qualifications, Work Experience & Professional Registrations
  • Add, Edit & Delete Profile Photo, Hobbies, Interests, Languages
  • Generate a beautiful CV/Resume on the Fly
  • Want to give it a test try? Create a free account with the link below
  • For more info visit the SSDD, right click & view page source
  • Visit The Chieta Supplier Database

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