This family formed business, founded by two brothers’ chartered business into a very unknown territory. Their business is run from an online ecommerce site that has never been seen before. This custom online site offers seamless integration for online shopping in the engineering industry. Offering over 55 000 different engineering products.


JNA approached CodeSix with the task of building this site, everyone was taken aback, and this would be the “Goliath” of online ecommerce fully integrated websites. With gusto the team tackled this project, giddy with excitement. This would be a crown jewel for CodeSix. And it still is. After hours upon hours of JavaScript, HTML5, Web API’s etc. etc. the dream was realised and the result has been seen all over the world. This beauty of e-commerce is now a power house in the engineering supply industry.

I have had the pleasure of working with Alex these past 3 months and I am delighted to highly recommend him and his company as an outstanding innovative and talented organisation that will bring value to any company they interact with. Alex has been outstanding in terms of delivery of products and functions. He is multi-skilled and has extra-ordinary abilities to give beneficial insights into any piece of work that he engages in. Alex is a very dynamic individual that is not afraid to think outside the conventional frameworks and hence brings a unique positive “flavour” to each offering that he delivers.

He also has access to brilliant resources that he co-ordinates to make the experience of interacting with a development team a real benefit to business.

I highly recommend CodeSix and especially Alex to anyone wanting any web development work done. He is a one stop shop that is both reliable and competitive in terms of pricing. You are welcome to email me on for any further comment.

Josh Maganbeharie
Director - JNA Engineering


Tackling this project was no task for the feint at heart, CodeSix, to this day, is and always will be proud to say that they have had a hand at the development of this brilliant system. This has helped JNA realise their dreams and will always be a pivotal client to CodeSix. Building this system has also helped CodeSix grow in aspects that they never thought would be possible and have realised that they have many hidden strengths in this industry. Working alongside JNA has been a privilege and will be nurtured to many more years of wonderful business ventures.


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