Selomolaw came from humble beginnings. Since its incorporation in 2013, Selomolaw has made CodeSix their “go-to” solution for any IT, web development or marketing needs. In these four years CodeSix has been by their side watching as Selomolaw has grown from strength to strength, being there to help every step of the way.


In the beginning, Mr Selomo approached CodeSix to help get him going at a running pace.  No time was wasted and CodeSix rose to the challenge with a grin. Setting up a web presence and getting him going with an aggressive marketing strategy was a challenge met with vigour. Web and email hosting added naturally and has been a stable service all these years later. With a vigorous digital marketing regime and a top class AdWords system in place, Selomo law has risen to new heights.

Being loyal to CodeSix for all these years speaks volumes in its own. Selomolaw is a proud part of the family and has always received cutting edge friendly service and for many more years to come.


From the ground up Mr Selomo has been a strong force. He has driven his practise with passion and determination. Once CodeSix was welcomed into the fold, they have made it their goal to help Selomolaw grow to their full potential. Mr Floyd Selomo now has a powerful successful practise with ten lawyers under his guidance, forming a proud team. Today, CodeSix is an unwavering force behind them, keeping them at the top where they deserve to be.

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