EWSETA, one of the greatest authorities in the water and energy industries, took on the responsibility of making sure that the proper training and skills development programmes were in place and managed properly within the sectors among others. This is no small feat and CodeSix is a proud driving force behind their online presence. EWSETA has undergone a major online facelift over the past two years and now faces the world with a proud smile.


EWSETA’s very own Frieda Miller approached CodeSix with the fantastic opportunity to work alongside her in the facelift of their online presence and streamlining of their pages. This was a fantastic opportunity and has been taken head on. Offering services like website development, data base management etc. are but a few. EWSETA is a majorly public figure and offering a clean simplistic platform to work on is a great necessity. CodeSix realised this and went about the task of creating a site that embodies what EWSETA is all about. Simple; clean; elegant; Easy to access & well managed. These are a few aspects that embody them and are relayed in their online proxy. CodeSix brought that to realisation for them in a swift knowledgeable manner, and up till now are still a powerful team backing EWSETA.

For two years CodeSix has been the driving force behind the EWSETA online service, and will stand by them for many more years to come.


When you think of water and energy you think of “power” “purity” “raw” “natural” and “unbridled”. These are aspects that CodeSix has worked hard to embody for EWSETA online. They are an aspect that our industries need and endeavour to keep everything on track in the way we need it most. CodeSix is proud to be working alongside them in any capacity.


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