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PPC vs SEO & Having the smarts to use the right method at the right time.

Where advertisers and marketers often go wrong without even knowing it.

There is often a very large disconnect when looking at these two methods of driving traffic to your site. And often one or the other gets used at the wrong time or in the wrong place. Knowing when to use each of these methods can save your marketing campaign a lot of pain and suffering and give you the results you really want.

So when is it best to use either of these methods and what are their benefits? PPC or ‘Pay per Click’ is a method of advertising on a search engines results page. Your adverts would appear on the sponsored ads column after you have won the bid to have those keywords. This is of course until someone out bids you. So when your key words are used, and your ads appear, it would generate traffic to your website, and you would simply pay for every click you receive from this. This is deemed the more ‘instant gratification’ method of advertising. There are numerous places you can do this, namely Google AdWords, Yahoo Advertising etc.

Times in which this type of advertising would prove to be useful and get you great results would be; when you need and or want instant results. This method takes literally minutes to have an effect, resulting in a flood of prospects streaming onto your website. This is a very niche active advertising method. You can market to a very specific demographic, age, gender and even area in your campaign. This is a helpful marketing method for sites that are not very SEO friendly and offer great instant results, the only downfall, is don’t expect this to be a permanent fix, as it is purely an instant fix and is not designed to handle the long term needs of any campaign. Start the bidding war for your KEYWORDS!

SEO is your long term friend when it comes to organic traffic over the long haul. It does not result in instant traffic but as you build up your SEO friendly website you will slowly start gaining ground to the top of the search engine result page and with great SEO management you will rise to the top and stay there. Well, that is until Google breaks out a new algorithm that throws the SEO managers of the world for a total loop. SEO is for those who want to form an authority site in any given market. It offers great and stable long term results and helps build your brand in the eyes of Google or any other search engine.

SEO is the go to method when you want to build up a great site to sell for a small fortune. Looking at websites like you would real estate. Value value value!

These two methods are not enemies. They can complement each other when used well in any marketing campaign together. PPC can be used to build up a following on your website. Used well, it can keep your campaign going while you build up your SEO stability to garner organic well obtained traffic. While you do this, your SEO management will form your standing as an authority in the industry. Understand their strong points and use them to your advantage.

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