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how to get my first clientSo you have done it all! Your business is set up and ready to go! Everything is in place and you’re at your office all giddy with excitement. Now what?

A business won’t function without clientele. You need those bodies to come through your door. How do you get them there? Winning over the trust and business of your first client is crucial. The best advertising is through word of mouth as the trust factor is then already there because you are being referred through those who have already done business with to get my first client

But first…you need that first client. Once your business is ready to go, you need to find out who your target market is. Who do you want to be doing business with on a daily basis? Is it schools? Multinational companies? Or the bakers down the street? You need to corner off a target market so that you can focus in on them with your advertising and not spend all your capital advertising to the masses that more than likely do not need what you have. So once you have decided who your market will be, you can streamline your marketing strategy and focus your energy on those who need your services. Figure out where these people go to when they need something. Who do they ask and where do they look? Do they go to the classified in the newspaper? Do they look online? Do they ask their neighbour or look through magazines? Where ever your target market would go to find a solution to their problem, is where you would need to be looking to place your to get my first client

Once you have figured that all out, you need to decide on how you are going to approach your potential clients, you need to be proactive. You cannot just sit back and hope that you will get clients flooding through your doors based on your marketing. You need to connect with the people you want to do business with. The best ways to do this is via email. Every single business person in the entire world has at least one email address. Formulate a brilliant email pitch that is easy to read and to the to get my first client

Have a clear and grabbing subject line. Nothing vague or unsure, the minute is reads anything near to vague it will either not be read at all or passed over as spam. Be striking and confident, without sounding cocky. Have a clear message to your email. Grab the reader’s attention with in the first paragraph. Do not ramble or try to over sell your elf. Find out what the recipient needs and focus on that. How you can make their life easier. If you are good at what you do, make sure you can relay that message without sounding like a telesales to get my first client

In today’s business climate people have minimal time to actually pay any attention to emails. The time people take to read their messages is about the time span it takes to drink a cup of coffee. If you want people to read your email you have to make them want to. Otherwise by the second sip of coffee your email will either be deleted half way through, or not even to get my first client

Spend the time formulating a punchy direct clear and concise email that will get your readers attention. Focus on what you can do for them and make them want your services. If you have gotten the recipe right they should respond to you either by mail back or a phone call. So be ready with a good response with a plan so that you do not fumble and grab at straws when you are shocked to actually have gotten a to get my first client

Focus. Have a clear plan. Clear market and clear service outline. Know what you want to do and know how you are going to get there.

Failing to plan, is planning to fail.


get my first client

how to get my first client

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